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Legal Aliens Podcast

Apr 18, 2010

This is the second part of episode five uploaded on April 18. Make sure you are also download episode one so you don't miss out on any of the fun.

In part two of this episode of legal aliens we've blown the budget by having not one, but two very special guests on the show.

In this part:

  • The new series of Dr Who, with a very special transatlantic interview with Sebastian J. Brook from Dr. Who Online.
  • We get an insight into the television phenomenon, Glee from special guest number 2, Richard's better half Melissa.
  • We finish up with a discussion of some stupid internet memes.

If any of our listeners want to find out more about Dr. Who online, you can visit Sebastian's website at, listen to the podcast at or buy some snazzy Dr. Who merchandise at


Don't forget if you want to contact us, you can call our voicemail line at 951-ALIENS-1, email us at or follow us at we also have a group and fan page on facebook.