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Legal Aliens Podcast

Jun 30, 2011

In this episode:

* Richards 'finger' running shoes

* Krista's Stinky Flower

* Ben's random topic machine

* Dr Who surprises

* Radiohead youtube mashup and marching band

Legal Aliens podcast is Written and Presented by Ben Kent, Richard Simons and Krista Ristenen, and is produced and edited by Ben Kent

The Legal Aliens...

Jun 9, 2011

In this Episode:

* - Krista has another dice with death!

* - Anthony Wieners ... wiener

* - This Summer's big movies

Also, there is a double rollover in this weeks 'Ben's Big Prize Bonanza', so if you are the lucky winner, you could win a huge pile of crap really great stuff.

Legal Aliens podcast is Written and...